Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I have more than 2 people per screen in a Workshop?

GLOMADO wants the Workshop experience to be a positive one for every person involved.  Part of this experience is the small class size. Each screen should have no more than 2 Learners for the Instructor to be interacting with.

How will I get the supplies needed for the craft?

Workshops that include a GLOkit will list that information in the Workshop details.  The GLOkit will include most of the required supplies. The Learner may be asked to collect some everyday household items prior to a Workshop as well.  Required materials will be listed on the Workshop details page, and are available to view prior to your scheduled Workshop. Not all Workshops include a GLOkit.

How long will the GLOkit take to arrive in the mail?

A GLOkit will usually arrive within 2-3 days from the purchase of a Workshop.  You will have the option of expedited shipping for an additional cost.

What if my Instructor does not show up to teach the Workshop?

All Instructors prioritize their scheduled Workshops, but in the rare event that an Instructor is unable to attend you will automatically receive a gift card for the cost of the Workshop plus an additional 20%.  You can use the promo code and the gift card to schedule any future Workshops.

Is this a safe platform?

Each Instructor has gone through a significant vetting process before working under the GLOMADO brand name. 

Will my information be shared with others?

All personal information entered remains fully secure and will not be shared with outside companies.

Why are Workshops recorded?

GLOMADO records all Workshops for internal use only. Video recordings will never be shared with any 3rd party. They are for the purposes of safety and quality control.  

What if I am unable to complete the craft in the Workshop’s allotted time?

You will have the opportunity to finish your craft after the Workshop.  If you need further instruction, you will be able to watch an instructor-only recorded video with instructions.  

Do GLOMADO gift cards ever expire?

The gift cards never expire and can be used in the future.

What happens if I am unable to attend a Workshop I have registered for?

Due to the nature of our Workshops, we are unable to issue refunds as the Instructor is already booked for that day/time slot which prevents other Learners from being able to join at that time. Please note that GLOMADO Instructors are paid for all booked Workshops.

Am I able to leave a rating or review of my Workshop?

After every Workshop, each Learner has the opportunity to rate the Instructor and give helpful feedback.

How much will I get paid for each Workshop?

Instructors are paid according to the number of screens booked for your Workshop. You are paid $20 U.S. for the first screen, $35 if there are two screens, and $50 if all three screens are booked. Each screen may have 1 or 2 Learners.

How and when will I get paid if I am located in another country?

In your Instructor account, you will see a variety of payment options for you to choose from. All payouts take place after the Workshop has occurred. GLOMADO issues payments daily.

How long should my Workshop run?

Your Workshop can run anywhere in the range of 45 minutes to 1 and ½ hours.

How many students will I be teaching for each Workshop?

You will be teaching to a small class size.  There will be anywhere from 1-6 students for each Workshop.  We allow up to three screens to be booked, with up to 2 Learners per screen.  

How often can I teach a Workshop?

You can set up your own schedule!  Instructors choose their own windows of availability and log them into their scheduling calendar.  Learners then book Workshops during the time that is available.  

Can I teach more than 1 type of Workshop?

Absolutely!  We encourage creative Instructors to branch out with teaching other cultural crafts that they enjoy.

Can I have an interpreter help me?

Yes, you can have an interpreter work with you as long as he/she is seated with you on the same screen and helps with the flow of communication from Instructor to Learners.

How will the Learners be getting all of the craft supplies?

We partner with our Instructors to acquire authentic supplies for our Workshops.  Instructors usually send bundles of supplies, and GLOMADO covers the cost of the supplies and shipping to the USA.  We then hold onto the Workshop supplies and when a Learner books your Workshop we package and ship the GLOkit directly to them. There may be some other basic, household materials required for Workshops, and learners supply those on their own.  A list of any required supplies will be sent to the Learners before the Workshop.

What happens if my Learners don’t show up for the Workshop?

If a Learner unexpectedly misses his/her Workshop, the Instructor will still be paid for that screen.  Since the Instructor will still be paid, he/she is required to be available during the allotted Workshop time.  The Learner still has the ability to jump onto the Workshop late, however, the Workshop will end at the regularly scheduled time.

What if something unexpected comes up and I have to cancel the Workshop?

Once a Workshop is booked, our Learners expect it will take place at that designated day and time, however, we understand emergencies come up and you do have the ability to cancel a scheduled Workshop. Learners are notified and receive a voucher to schedule another Workshop.