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What is GLOMADO?


GLOMADO is an eLearning platform, where students and teachers from across the world connect in real-time to create traditional and contemporary cultural crafts. Our promise is to unleash the curiosity of students, of all ages, by helping them connect with new cultures.


“Culture is a Contact Sport!”

- Michael B., GLOMADO Guru,
Accra, Ghana

How We’re Different:

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We learn

The most effective way to learn online is in a live, real-time interactive environment.

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We learn with
our hands

We are leading a rising wave of enriched screen time aiming to unleash kids’ learning passion and free their hands to craft tangible creations.

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We learn directly from local experts

We create a bridge for our expert ‘GLOMADO Gurus”, who love their unique local culture, and want to pass it forward with curious and crafty students from all around the world.

We Inspire Cultural Connection

Our mission is to enrich the quality of screen time by inspiring students explore their curiosity and discover new cultures.

We provide teachers and enthusiasts worldwide with creative outlets and a shared platform for them to share their passion, skill, and love of learning.


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