Where the World Connects for Culture

 “To share our cultures with others is to share who we are with the world.”

By transcending traditional borders between teachers and students, GLOMADO bridges cultures, granting children everywhere the opportunity to become true citizens of the world.


“I Do it for the Culture”

- Colette V., GLOMADO Student,
New Jersey, USA

How it Works: 

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Curious about how to make Indonesian shadow puppets? Mexican pinatas? Ghanaian rattle drums? Browse by country, craft, or teacher, and launch your next cultural adventure!

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Book a live lesson at a time that is convenient for you and your family in the comfort of your own home.

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Connect and Create.

Meet face to face with your friendly, fun, expert Guru and other curious explorers from all around the world. Together, create rewarding keepsakes for you and your family to cherish for years to come!


We are Pioneers in Edu-Cultural Learning

At the heart of all things GLOMADO, we place the 4 foundational cornerstones that define who we are.

  • We incubate education that amplifies endless Curiosity.

  • We promote Culture that brings people together.

  • We create Connections that inspire personal growth.

  • We champion enthusiasts that build unique Creations.

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