Our mission is to make authentic cultural connection and exploration accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Created by a trio of globally-minded teachers, GLOMADO (which stands for GLObal MAkers and DOers) was born out of the mission to give people of all backgrounds and ages the ability to explore the world in an affordable, constructive, and accessible way.

GLOMADO’s purpose is simple: connect people through culture, and connect cultures through people. While world travel is often life-changing, it’s not always within reach. We created GLOMADO to make authentic cultural connection and exploration accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Our Learners and Instructors meet virtually from across the globe to participate in hands-on, culturally-rooted work, and both parties leave with a new sense of connectedness and cultural understanding. Each GLOMADO workshop weaves yet another thread into the loom of global connection.

In an age of growing distance, we want to build bridges over walls, combat fear with connection, and replace judgment with curiosity. We want everyone, everywhere to feel a childlike sense of wonder about world cultures, but perhaps even more importantly, to feel at home in a world we all share.

GLOMADO was inspired by curiosity. Our workshops are fun and engaging for all ages, because the truth is that deep down, we all want to experience worldwide wonder. With GLOMADO, we can.

Mother and daughter opening GLOMADO box
Two learners participating in a workshop
Learners participating in workshop

How It Works

Our Platform

GLOMADO offers small, hands-on, real-time, authentic cultural workshops led by artisans and teachers from around the world.

Small Workshops

Our goal is to foster connection and facilitate learning - both of which happen best in small groups. We limit the number of workshop participants to six or less, so all Learners have the chance to contribute and receive meaningful feedback during the workshop.

Hands-on Activities

Active participation results in richer, more memorable learning experiences. All of our workshops involve making or doing something, so even the youngest of Learners can engage.

Real-time Interactions

At the core of our mission is a fundamental belief in the value of human and cultural connection. Our workshops take place online in real-time, so Learners and Instructors can truly connect with each other.

Cultural Exploration 

There is nothing like learning about cultural traditions, rituals, and artifacts directly from Instructors excited to share their cultures. Our workshops offer first-hand, authentic cultural experiences right from your kitchen table.

Worldwide Talent

Our Instructors

We have traveled to dozens of countries (and counting!) to find a diverse array of talented and energetic individuals: GLOMADO Instructors. Every GLOMADO Instructor has been rigorously vetted and trained by our team of educators and creatives to ensure they deliver the perfect balance of fun, creativity, and guidance within each Workshop.

Each GLOMADO Instructor has a unique background, story, and creative style - just like you! While no two Instructors are exactly alike, all GLOMADO Instructors offer something beautifully unique, both personally and culturally.

Core to the GLOMADO experience is that Learners will create and learn something new during their Workshops — but also meet someone new — someone they may have never encountered otherwise. We select our Instructors based on their individual skill sets, but we also purposefully choose Instructors with a genuine desire to connect with our Learners. We believe that authentic cultural connection is the most exciting part of every Workshop.

We are committed to creating experiences that our Learners will remember for years to come, which is why we dedicate so much time to finding the right Instructors. GLOMADO is only possible thanks to their skill, passion, artistry and professionalism. We are inspired by our Instructors every day, and we know they’ll inspire you, too.

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