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Connect with the World from Your Dining Room!


Enhanced Screen Time. Enriched Exploration and Learning. 

“As a mother of three, and a former teacher, I understand the importance of my children being able to explore their curiosities about different world cultures, and connecting them with others that they don’t normally interact with.”


“Cross-cultural learning is essential.”

- Veronica V., GLOMADO Mom
New Jersey, USA

 From Our Students


“I felt like I was in my Guru’s country, even though I was in my living room!”

- Maddie T., GLOMADO Student

New Jersey, USA

Glomado student male.png

“My Guru from Mexico was very nice and patient. I loved learning about El Dia de los Muertos and making a sugar skull to honor my great grandfather.”

- Davis P., GLOMADO Student

New Jersey, USA


“GLOMADO is “screen time” I can actually support for my kids! It’s a great way for children to use their hands to learn and create, while making new friends from around the world.”

- Matt V., GLOMADO Dad

New Jersey, USA

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