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Donna Tyra Barbosa

Hello!  I am Donna- a kindergarten teacher and a student of life.  I enjoy being with kids probably because of my childlike wonder.  I keep on learning things that are artistic, fun and healthy for the mind and body.

My fondness for art and craft started when I discovered my talent in drawing.  I would watch cartoons and draw my favorite characters.  I did this regularly until I got to use different media like crayons, oil pastel, and watercolor. I made my own paper dolls, even paper bead bead bracelets and friendship bands.  I realized my potential when people noticed and appreciated my work. It motivated me to keep on practicing and improving.  My teachers also encouraged me to join art contests.  I did not win all the time, but still I felt like a champion with all the support that I received.  Since then I knew that art and craft would always have a special place in heart.

I have been involved in crafting from a young age.  I helped my mom and my aunt with their cross-stitching when I was a teen.  I also helped out in creating Christmas ornaments made of recycled materials such as wreaths, ornaments, and the Filipino Christmas lantern called "Parol."

I am excited to teach my Workshop on Pastillas candies and its Pabalat (decorative wrapper) because it is deemed to be a "dying art."  The craft is no longer taught in Philippine schools and the artisans of the Pabalat are just a handful.  I think sharing and practicing the basics of this craft would spark interest and appreciation for it.

Personally, I like working with watercolors and recycled items the most.  I could use anything I find interesting, from bottle caps to dried leaves.  When it comes to local materials, sea shells and Capiz shells are good in making accessories and home decor.

The Philippines is a beautiful place to live.  The best thing about the Philippines would be exploring the islands and the pristine beaches. The Philippines has 7000+ islands and it would take a lifetime to visit them all!  I've been to some provinces and the experience is just fantastic. I  grew up in the city and so my travels and interactions with my Kababayans (fellowmen) bring a more authentic understanding of the Filipino life.


Donna Tyra Barbosa
Donna Tyra Barbosa