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Michael Bortei

Hello!  I am Michael and I am an easygoing person who is caring and likes to make friends.

When I was thirteen years old I made a cup out of a coconut.  I also started making paper from sugar cane.  I found that I really liked making things with my hands.  I started using my hands to make a lot of different things, and that has continued throughout my life.  

My favorite thing about living in Ghana is that I have freedom to do lots of things.  We have great natural resources for making art.  We have more art than a lot of other places.  There are always many cultural events and arts festivals to attend.

In my hometown we have festivals, like the Chale Wote festival, where people come to showcase their artwork.  Where I grew up everything was centered around art.  In every celebration art played an important part.

I am excited to be a GLOMADO Instructor because I want people to know more about my culture, and the kinds of art we have here in Africa.  

In my spare time other than making things, I like to train and work on my fitness.  I am a bodybuilder.  I like to participate in bodybuilding competitions.  In fact, recently I won a fourth place medal, and was very proud!

Michael Bortei
Michael Bortei