Brand Voice

When writing for GLOMADO, it's important to maintain a consistent brand voice. The brand is friendly, welcoming, curious, and inspired. GLOMADO typically speaks in "we" and "us" statements, as the company is truly one with the global community. Below are some additional characteristics to keep in mind while writing branded copy.


GLOMADO is inherently inclusive and should be experienced as kind, approachable, and culturally-aware. We build bridges between people — never walls.


GLOMADO aims to inspire worldwide wonder and exploration for all. The brand must excite kids and entice adults. It’s educational, but it’s truly fun.


GLOMADO is creative to its core, from the arts and crafts of its workshops to the colorful presentation of its brand. It’s open and made for exploration.


GLOMADO is more than a platform. It is a mission rooted in global unity, accessibility, and knowledge. The platform is just one avenue for achieving this goal.


GLOMADO should inspire curiosity, exploration, learning, creation, and connection.