Naming Conventions


Company name should always be styled in all caps.


Our teachers are called “instructors.” If referring specifically to a GLOMADO Instructor, treat as a proper noun (capitalize first letter). If you happen to write about instructors in a more general sense, do not capitalize.


Our students are called “Learners.” Unlike “instructors” Learners should always be treated as a proper noun, as it is specific to GLOMADO and not a common word.


Our classes are called “workshops.” Unless it is the first word in a sentence, being used in marketing collateral as a standalone point, or on the website as a heading, keep it lowercase.


The workshop materials we send to Learners are called “GLOkits.” “GLO” should always be capitalized and “kits” should always be lowercase.

Example Use Cases

GLOMADO Instructors hold interactive workshops for our Learners.

Some GLOMADO Workshops come with GLOkits based on each workshop’s activity.

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