UI/UX Guidelines

Using the GLOMADO platform should feel like gliding through a warm, welcoming, and vibrant digital space. When designing a GLOMADO user interface and writing accompanying UX copy, keep the following characteristics in mind.


Users must immediately know what GLOMADO is, what it stands for, and how they can participate. Use simple and direct language with clear CTAs. 


Users should want to engage with GLOMADO based on the inspiring design, copy, and photo/video visuals. The whole experience should spark curiosity. We also incorporate ample white space into all designs to create a feeling openness — we give users the space to explore.


Users must know that they belong here. Everyone belongs at GLOMADO. We are friendly and accommodating throughout the registration process and beyond.


Users must feel a sense of wonder, creativity, vibrancy, and adventure. They should feel excitement through our use of imagery and copy.


Users must have a simple website navigation, ability to search, as well as clear calls to action throughout the page. Users should always know what is expected of them, and what they can expect next.