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About this Workshop


In this Workshop, we will craft a mask worn by dancers during the legendary Diablada de Diablos (Dance of Devils), which represents the epic battle between good and evil.  This dance, a feature of La Tirana´s religious festivities, is famous for its colorful costumes, multicultural influence, and most of all, for the joy transmitted by the performers through their movements. 

During our Workshop, you will learn about the story of La Tirana and the cultural influences that inspire La Tirana’s festivities.  For example, according to Chilean folklore, after using the mask for the celebration, dancers will adorn their walls with Diablada masks year round, as they attract good luck and protect us from nightmares.  Children, especially, love crafting their very own unique Diablada masks - which they may then wear at the very next Diablada dance! 

During this Workshop, children will get to practice cutting, gluing, painting and decorating while creating their own unique mask.  Children younger than 8 would benefit from having an adult or older sibling present with them.

What You'll Need

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Diablada´s Mask from Chile GLOkit

The GloKit contains almost everything needed to make this festive mask. There are many colorful, fun and exciting supplies included in this kit!

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Additional Supplies

You will need a lot of space for this workshop, so please make sure that you are working at a table or counter with a lot of space.

Additionally you will need:

  • A pair of scissors per Learner
  • Glue - it is helpful to have liquid glue and a glue stick
  • 2 empty toilet paper rolls per Learner, or one paper towel roll per Learner
  • 1 empty cardboard cereal box per Learner
  • A cup of water and paper towel
  • A paper plate or paper towel for each Learner to lay some items on while they dry

Technical Requirements

You will need a device (computer or tablet) that is equipped with a camera, microphone, and speakers. For more information, please check out our Technical Requirements page.

Meet the Instructor

instructor headshot

Carolina CabañasView Profile

My name is Carolina, but you can call me Caro :)  I am of Chilean and Spanish descent.  I love to craft, and I love to learn new crafts.  I also love dogs and airplanes, and cannot envision my life without dogs playing in my big garden!

My life as a craftsperson began at eight years old, when my mom bought me a magazine that demonstrated how to weave beaded bracelets.  To this day, my favorite materials to work with are all kinds of beads, such as toho and miyuki.  I also love working with natural gemstones, wood (or gum), gouges, cold porcelain clay, and traditional thread and needles!

I live in Chile, but have many friends from Australia, Spain, and America.  My favorite thing about living in Chile is that I can get to the mountains or the beach, from my home, in two hours!  I am also able to visit the most arid desert on the planet (Atacama, Chile), as well as the glaciers in the south.

Today, I work as a Crossmedia Designer, which means I apply my artistic skill across a variety of media.  I am so excited to bring these skills to my role as a GLOMADO Instructor.  I LOVE experiencing all the unique cultures around the world, and am so excited for you to get to know some of mine!

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Fabulous Class!!

by Amy on

Carolina was such a great instructor. She was was so patient and thoughtful, and did a great job interacting with our son. I would highly recommend this class and Carolina!

The Joy of Making Masks

by Hannah on

I had a very fun time making my Chilean mask. Carolina was very patient and nice. She was very good at teaching me and my father about the history behind the masks and different techniques used for making the masks.

Great Instructor and beautiful mask!

by Zoe on

I signed my 9yr old son up for this class because I knew he would love the idea of making a mask that looked like a dragon. He was very excited about this and the kit arrived a week before the scheduled class. Carolina was very sweet. I heard her accent and I knew that my son might not understand clearly but he said after he talked to her about 10 minutes he got used to how she spoke and didn't need me around. Haha. I did have to help a little bit with cutting or even helping him to open the paint vial. Minor tasks. She was very patient with him which was great because there were a lot of steps. He was really proud of how his mask turned out and went to show it off to his sister and dad. He now has an awesome mask hanging up on his wall. What a great experience to have these one-on-one classes to meet artists in different parts of the world.

5 year olds loved it

by 5 year olds loved it on

My daughter and her best friend did this together and they loved it. Carolina was amazing, and the project was a blast. As soon as the workshop was over the girls played a running game with their masks for another hour. They were also quite proud of their work. The following day they were still playing games with the mask, and then about a week later, I noticed they were using one of Carolina's cutting techniques on a new, independent project they were working on. Hooray for new skills!

workshop poster

Diablada´s Mask from Chile