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About this Workshop


There’s so much more to beads than just decoration.  Beads are an integral part of Ghanaian heritage. Not only are they a testament to the vibrance of Ghanaian creativity, they play a significant role in the country’s history, rituals, and culture. 

In this workshop, Learners will use locally made beads to create culturally significant bracelets, by piecing several identical beads together using a ‘stretchy’ strand. There are small holes in each of the beads, so that Learners can thread their strands through them. They will then tie a knot to close it, so that they can wear their new bracelets.  In Ghanaian culture these bracelets are worn with pride by folks of all genders.  

The Krobo traditional beads are used as colorful ornaments, or for functional purposes. Ornamental bracelets are worn by women and men of all ages during traditional ceremonies such as child namings, traditional weddings, and funeral rites.  The beads come in different colors, and each color will signify something specific.   

As a child growing up in the village around Eastern Ghana, I met Krobo natives who made and sold their beautiful beads. Sometimes, entire families crafted these beads together. I would sit for hours and watch these craftspeople work. With time, I mastered the craft, and would also make them for sale. 

I welcome you to join this workshop, so that I can share this timeless Ghanaian tradition with you!

What You'll Need

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Krobo Beads Bracelet from Ghana GLOkit

This GLOkit contains patterned Krobo beads, blank beads, one oil based marker, and a stretchy strand.

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Additional Supplies

Learners will also need:

  • Scissors
  • Additional paint markers (optional)

Technical Requirements

You will need a device (computer or tablet) that is equipped with a camera, microphone, and speakers. For more information, please check out our Technical Requirements page.

Meet the Instructor

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Kingsley OtuView Profile

The creative world of art and design is endless. It is my greatest ambition to leverage my skills and passion to benefit the students I impact, the community in which I live, my nation, and to the extent that life permits me, to touch the world with the flames of creativity through education.

Ever since I was in elementary school, I loved art. As a child growing up in Ghana, I crafted paper cards, and even created origami airplanes and ships. Once, I used clay to sculpt an entire miniature military army of toy soldiers! 

In Ghana, most of our crafts serve as more than aesthetic works of art. For example, one of our traditions is to craft musical instruments out of beverage tins, carton papers or any natural objects we may find in our environment.

There are so many crafts from Ghana to share.  The indigenous musical instrument known as an African Kalimba, is a craft I think the world would love to know about and make. I also work with Calabash and Kente cloth, local materials that represent Ghanaian tradition.

What I love most about living in Ghana, is the hospitable nature of the Ghainaian people. We are friendly and welcoming to our guests and visitors. This is our natural way of being, and we take great pride in this element of our culture. I welcome you to join my workshops, so that we may share in the cultural traditions that I love with all my heart!

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Great Experience

by Aubrey on

My 6 year old loved this workshop and Mr. Otu was a friendly and engaging instructor. The class was the perfect mix of learning and doing. I’m so happy she had the opportunity to be exposed to this piece of Ghanaian culture! Highly recommend!

WONDERFUL Educational & Cultural Experience!

by Claudine on

I thoroughly enjoyed the Krobo beads & bracelet workshop! As a certified educator for 20 years, I was so very impressed! Learning with Kingsley Otu presented a fun & creative introduction to a new culture. We need to broaden our students' worldview. I plan to highly recommend GLOMADO workshops to families at Explorations V Children's Museum, Lighthouse Homeschoolers, and Hope Homeschoolers.

Great Experience!

by michael on

My 3 girls had a fantastic time doing the bead making with Kingsley. He was friendly and engaging and my daughters had a blast. They’re already recommending this to their friends

Wonderful activity

by Maggie on

Mr. Kingsley was charming and informative and made both my kids (4yo and 7yo) feel at ease. He sent plenty of interesting links ahead of time about beads in Ghana, which my older daughter enjoyed reading. She probably would have enjoyed some general information about Ghana as well. During the workshop, Mr. Kingsley was friendly and engaging. Both girls really like that he made a bracelet at the same time they did. He picked up on the fact that my younger daughter needed more help from me and encouraged her to ask/accept it. They absolutely love the finished product and were discussing when they might wear their new bracelets. They particularly like that they now know so much meaning in the colors and designs of their bracelets. "I love the bracelets we made." Penny, 4yo "I liked how we got to decorate them with the cool markers," and "Mr. Kingsley was really nice." Caroline, 7yo

Kingsley is a gifted instructor

by Ghalib on

Had our two kids go through the workshop with Kingsley and their immediate response was to ask to do one of them every weekend. There can be no higher praise given than a repeat customer! Beyond the basics of teaching the art of creating the bracelet, Kingsley's warm demeanor really set the stage and his engaging approach kept the kids highly involved throughout. Would highly recommend anyone with younger kids enrolling in a workshop with Kingsley!

workshop poster

Krobo Beads Bracelet from Ghana