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Kingsley Otu

The creative world of art and design is endless. It is my greatest ambition to leverage my skills and passion to benefit the students I impact, the community in which I live, my nation, and to the extent that life permits me, to touch the world with the flames of creativity through education.

Ever since I was in elementary school, I loved art. As a child growing up in Ghana, I crafted paper cards, and even created origami airplanes and ships. Once, I used clay to sculpt an entire miniature military army of toy soldiers! 

In Ghana, most of our crafts serve as more than aesthetic works of art. For example, one of our traditions is to craft musical instruments out of beverage tins, carton papers or any natural objects we may find in our environment.

There are so many crafts from Ghana to share.  The indigenous musical instrument known as an African Kalimba, is a craft I think the world would love to know about and make. I also work with Calabash and Kente cloth, local materials that represent Ghanaian tradition.

What I love most about living in Ghana, is the hospitable nature of the Ghainaian people. We are friendly and welcoming to our guests and visitors. This is our natural way of being, and we take great pride in this element of our culture. I welcome you to join my workshops, so that we may share in the cultural traditions that I love with all my heart!

Kingsley Otu
Kingsley Otu