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Join me in making a simple, wall-hanging macrame, using “knotting” techniques.  This beautifully colorful project represents the artisanal richness of India’s vast, culturally diverse people.

In India, just thirty years ago, refrigerators were not common in many villages.  Food was often kept in the open.  In order to prevent these items from being eaten by pets, ladies of the house would craft baskets out of macrame, which would then be hung from ceiling hooks.  I remember seeing these hanging baskets at my grandparents’ house, whenever we visited them.

Like many children in India, I have grown up watching my parents and grandparents partaking in the craft of macrame.  I made my very first piece while in college, when one of my aunts taught me how to tie the basic knots.  I was able to practice my craft while on my maternity break, and since then I’ve launched a macrame business that enables me to share my macrame art with people in India and all over the world!

This project is not difficult to make, but requires a bit of dexterity.  Children under age 12 would likely do well to have an adult participate with them.  The dowel will need to be suspended in order to create the project.  The back of a chair is often a great place to hang your dowel. 

What You'll Need

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Macrame Wall Hanging from India GLOkit

This GLOkit contains seventeen ropes with tassels, and one wooden dowel.

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Additional Supplies

In order to craft the Wall Hanging Macrame, the dowel must be suspended from a curtain rod, upper kitchen cabinets, or the back of a chair.  The back of a chair is usually available, and most efficient.  Wherever you choose to work, please be sure you will also be able to see the computer screen well.    Keep this in mind when you choose where to do your Workshop.

Technical Requirements

You will need a device (computer or tablet) that is equipped with a camera, microphone, and speakers. For more information, please check out our Technical Requirements page.

Meet the Instructor

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Ashi HusainView Profile

As far back as I can remember, I have always loved crafts.  Most evenings after school were spent making something.  My house is a testimony of my love for crafts and in every room, there is something on display that I have collected over the years, or made myself.  Apart from macrame, candle-making and decoupage are my favorite crafts to make.  A beautiful hand-crafted candle is my pride and joy, and holds a special place in my living room.

I live in New Delhi, the capital and cultural hub of India.  All year, we have a plethora of events and festivals that depict the diverse customs and traditions of our country’s distinct regions and states.  These customs have inspired me to create.  I love working with my hands and am happiest when I am creating something.  The joy of turning a vision into something tangible is like nothing else I know.  I have been fortunate to have turned my love of crafts into a successful business. 

New Delhi is in the north of India, where cold winters have inspired women to knit.  We knit in order to prepare for winter, but we also knit for the pleasure we find in the act of knitting.  I’ve seen my mother and grandmother knit for hours, then gifting handmade sweaters and shawls to friends and family.  We wear them with pride, comfort, and style, and they are often passed down from one generation to another.  Even my own children have items that were originally knitted for me or my husband. 

In my macrame, I love using tasseled ropes that are handmade by local women, as per my requirements.  I use a lot of colour in my pieces, in efforts to capture my country's love for everything colourful.  

It is no surprise that macrame has survived and thrived for over seven hundred years, and traveled from one continent to another.  The craft has been assimilated into the culture of many foreign lands; it is my personal tribute to this craft to spread it even further, by teaching it to a new generation. 

I am post-graduate in management by qualification and a small business owner by passion.  I have been fortunate enough to turn a hobby into a business.  I love working with my hands and am happiest when I am creating something.  The joy of turning a vision into something tangible is like nothing else I know.  As a Mom to a toddler and a tween, macrame craft gives me some much needed down-time and I am re-energized to run after my super-active boys.

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Great teacher

by Emily on

This was a great class and I learned a lot about Indian culture as well as macrame! Thank you!

Remy Macrame Wall Hanging

by Chad on

Remy’s words “ I had a really good time and the Instructor was amazing”

Beautiful macrame wallhanging!

by Zoe on

I signed my daughter up to take this class with Ashi because I knew she was interested in learning how to do macrame. The kit arrived with all the tools she would need to make the wall hanging days in advance. During the scheduled class Ashi was really patient and while waiting for my daughter to complete a step she would engage her in conversation and ask about her interests and she also talked about India and the customs there. Overall great class and great experience!

Macrame wall hanging

by Tal on

the class with Ashi was interesting and fun. At the same time as I learned how to make the craft, also learnt a lot about India and the the culture there. She was very kind, she described and showed me how to make the craft very clearly and patiently. Overall, I had lots of fun and learned a lot.i am looking at more crafts to do next on this website now Also my parents loved it so much they hanged it in their bedroom.

So therapeutic and fun!

by Amber on

I expected to like this workshop, but I didn't expect to be so happy with my final piece. I thought it would be more of a practice piece, but I love it and will be hanging it up shortly. In addition to the wall hanging, I learned a lot about the teacher and her culture/family. I didn't expect that at all, and it helped to really personalize the class. It felt more like spending time with a friend who is teaching me her craft vs a teacher hired online. I made a few mistakes along the way, despite her great instructions, and she was so patient with me while I undid and redid them. I didn't feel rushed, and she said it wasn't a big deal. One added benefit was that the knotting process felt calming/therapeutic, and I could see myself doing this again. Ultimately, I'm really glad that I chose this workshop. It was perfect for me, an adult, and I think kids 12+ would enjoy it as it takes some amount of concentration and manual dexterity.

workshop poster

Macrame Wall Hanging from India