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About this Workshop


In this Workshop we will be making a "tembleque" in the shape of a caracucha flower. 

Tembleques are headpieces worn as part of the traditional Panamanian female costume (La Pollera). They originated as a replacement for natural flowers that were used to decorate the heads of women. Their name comes from the Spanish word: “temblar” which means “to tremble,” due to the mobility of its structures. When the women wearing them on their heads walk or dance, the tembleques shake along.

During the Workshop you will learn how to create 5 petals out of beads and soft wire.  Traditionally tembleques are made with soft wire and many different types of imitation pearls, fantasy stones and crystals, and in some cases people make them with real pearls, gold and Swarovski crystals, or even fish scales!  After we have built our petals, we will put them together with a hairpin attached, so you can wear it on your head, as we do when we wear the traditional Panamanian female costume (La Pollera).

The Pollera is worn for many festivities in Panama. Any time there is a cultural event, people dress up in their best traditional costume and women often wear the tembleques, depending on the type of pollera they are choosing. In the inner parts of the country, the tradition is more prevalent. There is a parade happening every year called "El desfile de las mil polleras" (the parade of the thousand polleras) in which women (and men) get elegantly dressed with different versions of the traditional costume and walk and dance on the streets of the city of Las Tablas (one of the Panamanian cities guardians of the folklore and traditions of the country).

I hope you join me in making, and then wearing, a tembleque!  

This Workshop is best suited for children 10+ as it requires a certain level of dexterity.


What You'll Need

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Panamanian Tembleque: Flor de Caracucha GLOkit

This GLOkit contains pearl and crystal beads, soft wire, green thread, a hairpin and a pre-made flower petal to be used as a guide to make a beautiful Caracucha flower.

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Additional Supplies

Learners will also need:

  • Elmer's glue or clear nail polish
  • Scissors
  • Jewelry/Beading Pliers (optional)
  • Pencil or pen

Technical Requirements

You will need a device (computer or tablet) that is equipped with a camera, microphone, and speakers. For more information, please check out our Technical Requirements page.

Meet the Instructor

instructor headshot

Ivette CandanedoView Profile

I was born and raised in Panama.  I grew up in a very small town in the Caribbean side of the country. I  love expressing my creativity in many ways and because of that I studied Production and Direction of Radio, Film and TV at university.  I also love nature and I feel deeply connected to everything that inhabits this earth with me.  I studied Marine Biology as well and worked at a research station for a year until I decided to take some time to reconnect with myself, travel and expand my view of the world.  I ended up training to become a yoga instructor in India and that's what I do now.  I also love to write and sing. I'm the happiest when I'm doing something creative.

I loved making crafts in school and growing up there was always a new one I was trying to learn.  My mom would crochet large mantel pieces to have on our table or to lay over the couch, so I learnt the basics of crocheting from her and I guess that pushed my love for crafting even further.  In high school I decided I wanted to make bracelets, so I asked my mom to buy me lots of beads, threads and hooks and I made many designs that I wore all the time.

I love the Panamanian female costume. It's beautiful and it looks so elegant. That's why I wanted to learn how to make the Tembleques (headpieces) and teach them in my Workshop.  I think it is a very specific craft from this country that I'm sure many people around the world (especially the ones that like making jewelry with beads) will love to learn. 

Living in Panama is beautiful.  I love being surrounded by nature. From where I'm living at the moment, I can see the ocean and the many beautiful trees everywhere. Having that kind of energy around me is magical and I'm very grateful for it.


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Panamanian Tembleque: Flor de Caracucha