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Daina Elksne

Hi, my name is Daina and I come from a culture-full country called Latvia.

I have been crafting since my childhood - I remember when my siblings and cousins used to design and make clothing from paper sheets.  We would cut and glue them together to create unique looks, and then create a fashion show for our parents and grandparents to enjoy.

Here in Latvia we have a lot of traditional crafts that our culture shares.  For example, during the Summer Solstice (celebration of fullness and richness of nature) we create special flower crowns to wear on that day and there is a special pattern to follow as the way you create your crown reveals your character.

I love the strong culture we have as it unites all Latvians both from Latvia and abroad, especially during Latvian Traditional celebrations.  I love our wild nature and appreciate that we have all four seasons.

Pictured with me is my friend, Latvian artist Agnese Furmane, who designed the paper doll kits that are used in my Workshop.

Daina Elksne
Daina Elksne